Between mouthfuls of spicy jerked chicken and the clash of dancehall music screaming from the speakers of Jeeps, PEANUTS characters interact with Coltrane and Monk.

The focus of the narrative, is the world as it is seen through the eyes, and camera of film wunderkind, W.E.. Imagine Northern Exposure on Shes Gotta Have It. We are introduced to the eclectic, multi-racial, multi-cultural world of todays youth. More than Generation X, but better, Generation Next. PLANET BROOKLYN is a mix of sitcom and dramatic comedy; part soap opera, part documentary, all new television.

PLANET BROOKLYN is a hip dramatic comedy, about a group of friends, and their families. The show would focus on personal issues, that are common to all of us, as well as topics that are close to the black and latino communities.

PLANET BROOKLYN is a journey into the surreal, acid-cool world of an eceletic mix of young black characters living on the edge. Some are poised on the brink of success, while others teeter over a bottomless pit, but all are realizing that if they want to take their lives to the next level, something has to give(even if its their sanity). As it is said on the PLANET BROOKLYN, Our dreams are what define us.

Stylistically, PLANET BROOKLYN employs quick-paced editing, both film and video footage, and hip graphics. In terms of content, envision a sophisticated black comedy/drama featuring various dynamic characters constantly reshaping their very Real World.

The ultimate fusion of sight and sound. Multi-layered images and sounds are synthesized perfectly to capture the richness, sophistication and humor of each of the characters inner and outer worlds.

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PLANET BROOKLYN was shot entirely on low-budget media, the soap opera elements were shot entirely on hi 8, transition and video art segments at times on 8mm and 16mm film. The mixed media element of the design, brings an art aesthetic to the project.

Using state of the art technology, traditional imagery and a hip-hop styled consciousness, PLANET BROOKLYN, brings a new look and feel to film and television with the sense of desktop computer multi-media. The multi-ethnic flavors of New York emerge as distinct with four-dimensional personalities. The Fourth Dimension is music. The ultimate fusion of sight and sound, PLANET BROOKLYN's multi-layered images and sounds are synthesized perfectly to capture the richness, complexity and humor of each character's inner and outer limits. Technically and stylistically, PLANET BROOKLYN, employs quick paced editing, film and video footage, and hip graphics to envision a sophisticated comedy/drama featuring dynamic characters who constantly reshape their own world.

The result is an amalgam of souped-up scenes of urban angst and quip-heavy dialogue between friends, as well as a view into a wonderful new cultural landscape that happens to be "the next thing."

nikki simone:deva huggins
shane:laura mitchell
nicloe:crystal blake
david:john lido
paul:cordell lo-chin
adrianna:michelle lawler
w.e.: regi allen

for more information or to order a copy of the film please email: godpopi film productions

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